Xanthos Equine offers Confidence Building Sessions

Riding Fear Free

​Confidence Building Sessions

Do you struggle with confidence issues in your equestrian life? Perhaps you had a bad fall, or you've dealt with some unpredictable horses in the past. Even watching someone else get hurt can cause a type of post traumatic stress disorder. It is completely normal to have some reasonable concerns about your safety when dealing with horses. They are 3 times our size and weigh 10 times what we do. 

It's when this reasonable caution turns into an overwhelming anxiety that problems arise. 

​You may KNOW how to ride, but if your fear and anxiety take over, you will not be able to use any of those skills. Just like horses, we can't think when we're in flight mode. We can only react. 

Through confidence building sessions we are able to re-train our subconscious. We can learn skills to short circuit the anxiety and get back to enjoying our horses. Riding should feel like a fun and moderately challenging activity, not a suicide mission every time you go to the barn. 

​Sometimes we have to start all the way from the beginning and get back to ground work to build up the trust. In certain cases, it can just be the riding part that needs working on, or particular aspects of riding like jumping. If you feel your heart pounding and palms sweating when you think about doing a certain activity with your horse then it's time to find a new way forward.

You love horses or you wouldn't have stuck with the sport for this long. Let's bring back the joy in riding and get you on a better path. 

We promise to listen to you and only work within the boundaries of your comfort zone. The goal is to lower your anxiety and give you the ability to do more with your equine partners. The first step is understanding what triggers the fear. We then approach the problem step by step to break it down into easy, manageable mini segments. When you've mastered each of these mini skills in a calm and relaxed way, we work to put them all together so that you can achieve your riding goals.

Whether it's leading your horse, trotting around the ring, riding out on trail or conquering your fears while jumping, we are here to help.

You will never be put down, belittled or made to feel less because of your fears. At some point in everyone's riding career we all realize that we aren't immortal. We experience a lack in confidence and we can't find a way to regain our easy joy in riding again. What was once so easy, now seems like an impossible task. We've all been there and we've all needed someone to give us a hand up and help us out of the darkness. Horses won't always react the way we expect. But we can train ourselves to react in ways that diffuse the situation - giving us and our equine partners trust and confidence in each other. 

A full hour of private coaching allows enough time to delve into confidence issues. One cannot be in a hurry when approaching this issue. You will not be forced into riding for a full hour. You won't be forced into riding at all if you're not comfortable with it that day. Part of confidence building is being able to voice your concerns and talk about how you got to this place. We can then develop a strategy for moving into a better place mentally and emotionally. Some of it may involve you developing new skills to help your horse. Some of it may be learning to control your emotions. Part of the strategy may involve re-training your horse. Undoubtedly your horse has noticed that you're nervous and has begun reacting to it as well. Every partnership is different and requires a unique approach. 

Confidence Building Sessions are PRIVATE one-on-one hourly training units costing $75 per session. ​​

​There is no set time limit on confidence training. One person may be able to work through their fears in just one session. Another may need several months of re-training. Once you feel like you've developed the tools to master your emotions you can strike off on your own or switch over to the regular lesson program that involves riding with others.